Non-condensing tankless water heaters

Venting is extremely important to gas fired tankless water heaters. When products are not vented properly, bad things can and will happen. A few of these are:

  1. Complete unit failure due to condensate being allowed to enter the heating unit.
  2. Corrosion will damage the heater’s heat exchanger.
  3. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning can occur.

The proper venting of burnt fossil fuels such as propane gas, natural gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc., should always be installed by a licensed, task certified professional. Short cuts should never be taken in regards to the venting system. All manufacturers’ instructions and state codes must be followed.

A typical tankless water heater’s exhaust venting should travel horizontally through an outside wall or vertically up through the roof. Keeping the vent piping as short as possible will help keep costs down. Always consider your tankless installation location, venting labor and vent pipe are a large part of the installation cost.