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Maintenance Program in Gainesville, FL

All appliances wear down with use. But they don’t have to wear down faster than necessary. With the proper routine care, a powerful natural or propane gas appliance like a water heater, generator, can live up to and even past its manufacturer’s estimated service life. Without proper care, not only will an appliance need a replacement earlier than it should, but it will also require a higher number of repairs, will become less efficient, will drain more power, and will use more power to run. It can even become a safety hazard.

Professional maintenance is a must for your natural and propane gas-powered systems. Affinity Gas Services is the only contractor in the area who offers a full maintenance plan to make it easy for customers to enjoy the finest regular maintenance services.

Our maintenance plan is unique, and we would love to talk to you about its many benefits, what it covers, and the best schedule for service. Call our office and we’ll be thrilled to go over the details and set you up with a plan. We’ll fuel a brighter future together!

Rely on The Gas Efficiency Experts in Gainesville, FL!

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