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Gas Services in Gainesville, FL

Affinity Gas Services is one of the five highest-certified gas companies in Florida. You won’t find any company in the Gainesville, FL area that has more experience and training to provide your home or business with natural gas or propane services. We have more than 30 years of history ensuring each of our customers has the best possible service call—the best they’ve had in their life—and we always go the extra mile for our clients.

Safety is essential to us, but we’ll go above and beyond to ensure the finest quality work, no matter what job you need done. Trust our team of Master Certified Professionals when you need gas line installations, gas line locating for construction, gas line leak detection, new propane tank installation, or anything gas-related. We’ll fuel a brighter future together.

Rely on The Gas Efficiency Experts for complete gas services.

Certified Professionals Who Make Safety the Top Priority

Using natural or propane gas for your household shouldn’t be hazardous as long as you schedule service only with certified professionals. Never let an amateur tamper with gas lines, digging, or gas appliances. Improper installation can lead to dangerous leaks, and we recommend you recognized the possible signs of gas leaks (smells, visual cues, and noises) and what to do in case of one.

All our technicians are specially certified for all natural and propane gas systems from ½ PSI to 250 psi.  Our certifications also include with gas lines, appliances and propane tanks Only technicians with this certification are legally permitted to work with gas and propane. We provide the best quality work, and you’re safety is essential to us.

Gas Line Installation and Gas Line Locating

We provide installation of gas lines for all exterior appliances. This can be as basic as laying down a single gas line to power an outdoor fire pit, or as extensive as a complex gas line system to handle pool heating, spas, outdoor barbecues and grills, and customized fire features. Our technicians are superb problem solvers—they’ll find the solutions for your project.

We also provide gas line locating and leak detection service. Before any digging on a job site, trust us to locate buried gas lines. In cases where you believe you have gas leaks, call us right away to find the leaks and prevent a hazardous situation.

Propane Tank Installation in Gainesville, FL

We install all types and sizes of propane tanks to meet a range of needs—we know how to customize each tank installations to a customer’s specifications. We can put in any size tank from a small one to power an outdoor grill to a 1,000 gallon tank to fuel all your home and property needs, and we can install them either above or below ground.

We want you to feel confident when you choose Affinity Gas Services, so we back up all installs with a 1-year guarantee, and a 5-year worry-free guarantee for certain installs. All of us take great pride in the work we provide for our customers in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding areas, and we also love what we do—we’ll pass on that dedication to any job you schedule with us.

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