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Gas Line Locating and Leak Detection in Gainesville, FL

Putting a shovel down into the ground of your property is a risk, no matter how deep you plan to dig. Natural gas lines could be located at almost any spot, and causing a rupture is a dangerous situation. Before you undertake any project on your property requiring excavation—whether you’re doing it yourself or you’ve hired a contractor—you must have the underground gas lines located and marked off. Don’t assume someone else will do the locating!

Affinity Gas Services has more than 30 years of locating gas lines and detecting gas leaks. All our technicians are certified for this work, and your safety is their top priority. You won’t find more qualified technicians in the area to help with locating gas lines or finding gas leaks.

Rely on The Gas Efficiency Experts!

Guessing Is Never an Option

Gas line locating isn’t something you can take a guess at. You can’t assume the gas lines are too deep to reach, either. Electrical lines, sewer lines, and water pipes are usually buried three feet in the ground—this is the standard depth. Gas lines do not have a standard depth. You may run into gas lines at almost any level of a dig, so you might even hit a gas line when digging to plant shrubs.

You can never make any assumptions about gas lines on properties, which is one of the reasons it’s vital you call 811 before you or a contractor takes on a digging project. It’s more than essential: it’s the law.

How Gas Line Locating Works

A few days (or more) before the commencement of digging work, call 811. The call center will send your request to the utility companies that could be affected, and you may need to wait up to five days before the affected companies reach out to you. Once you confirm with the companies, call our technicians to handle the actual locating services.

We can provide the areas where digging is permitted (there is a margin of safety around where the lines are located) using paint and flags. When our professionals are finished, you’ll have official permission for digging to begin.

Please remember: it is your responsibility to take these steps. You could be responsible for fines and repairs if you don’t check before digging—as well as create major safety hazards. Being responsible and working with our certified experts can save your life and the lives of others.

Our Leak Detection Keeps You Safe in Gainesville, FL

If you detect the odor of gas (a rotten egg smell) on your property, or your notice other warnings like puffs of dirt blowing on the ground or mysterious patches of dead grass on your lawn, vacate the premises immediately, and shut off the gas main if you have the opportunity. Call the gas company first.

Once the initial danger is gone, call Affinity Gas Services. We’ll come to your property and have the leak located and repaired fast. Our certified technicians have the finest technology to pinpoint the exact location of the leak, and we don’t consider the job finished until we know your family is safe.

We are one of the five-highest certified gas companies in the state—you can trust us with your gas lines in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding areas.

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