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Gas Awareness in Gainesville, FL

Affinity Gas Services has worked with natural gas for 30+ years. We understand that the more our customers are aware of the properties of natural gas, the easier it is for them to respond to gas leaks and other potential troubles. Unburned natural gas is harmful, as well as colorless and odorless, and this makes gas awareness an essential tool for a quick response.

When you believe you have gas line leaks or a leaking gas appliance, call our experts in Gainesville, FL. All our technicians are licensed and certified for gas services, and they have the training and tools necessary to keep you safe. Our technicians go through rigorous continual training so they’re up to date on all the latest applicable codes. We will always go out of our way for our customers, and safety is our top priority.

Rely on The Gas Efficiency Experts for any service!

How to Be Aware of Potential Gas Leaks

Natural gas has no odor or color, so how can you know you have a gas leak? There are several signs you can notice, using different senses

  • Smell: "But you just said natural gas is odorless!" In its natural state, it is. But to improve safety, natural gas companies place a chemical (methyl mercaptan, a.k.a. methanethiol) into the gas to give it a distinct smell of rotten eggs.
  • Sight: Dead, brownish vegetation on your property with no explanation can mean a gas leak underneath. Also watch for blowing puffs of dirt, bubbles in standing water, mist, and fog.
  • Sound: Natural gas escapes quickly from pipes when there is a leak, causing unusual hissing, roaring, or whistling.

Have CO detectors in your house to alert you to indoor gas leaks before they can become harmful.

What to Do If You Believe You Have a Gas Leak

No matter the reason you think you have a gas leak, take the following steps:

  • Move away to a safe environment. If safe to do so, shut off the gas main or other source.
  • Call the local gas provider, or in an emergency situation call 911.
  • Do not smoke or operate electrical switches or appliances. Any spark might ignite the gas.
  • Never assume someone else will report the gas leak.

Although we’re here to help with gas leak location services and gas line repairs, please call the gas provider first and make sure the immediate danger is past before reaching out to us.

Know Where You’re Digging

An essential service we offer is gas line locating. If this isn’t done on a jobsite before excavation, the digging can break or rupture gas lines. The law requires a jobsite to call 811 (Call Dig) at least a few days before a digging starts—and this applies whether you’re doing the job yourself or working with a contractor. Approximately 38.6 million people dig per year without calling 811. Please don’t be a victim or a statistic—know where you’re digging!

Only Rely on Professionals for Gas Service in Gainesville, FL

All work done on gas lines or gas appliances must be executed by a technician with proper state licensing. The Master Certified Technicians at Affinity Gas Services have full certification, as well as the training and experience to ensure all work is done up to code and the highest standards of safety.

We’re certified to conduct annual inspections to check for deterioration over time as well as inferior installation jobs. We’ve seen far too many shoddy gas line installs in Gainesville, FL, and we want to ensure you’re protected.

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