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Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Gainesville, FL

Water heaters can’t last forever, no matter how much maintenance they receive. The water heater that serves your home will need a replacement at some point. When this time comes, or you are looking for the first installation of a water heater for a new house, only trust the service to certified professionals. Affinity Gas Services has the training, licensing, and decades of experience to ensure you have the best possible water heater replacement or installation.

For 30 years, our Certified Master Technicians have delivered the finest quality in gas services to Gainesville, FL and the surrounding areas. We’re family-owned and operated, and all our technicians are factory-trained and certified by the manufacturers. We back up new water heater installations with a 1-year guarantee, and a 5-year worry-free guarantee on certain installations.

Rely on The Gas Efficiency Experts for new water heater service. Contact us today for your water heater installation in Gainesville, FL!

Replacing an Aging Water Heater May Be Your Best Option

We are expert water heater repair technicians, always here when you need us. But a water heater will age to a point where continuing repairs is throwing money away. When a water heater is too old, it will need more frequent fixes and start to lose energy efficiency. You can trust our Certified Master Technicians to determine when you have a water heater that’s turned into a money sinkhole. They’ll help to arrange for an excellent replacement unit.

If your water heater begins to corrode or lose its standard volume of hot water, it is sending signals that it’s time for it to retire—call us and we’ll provide the help you need.

Water Heater Replacement or Installation in Gainesville, FL

With numerous water heater types and brands on the market, you may be concerned about having to make the right choice. There’s no need to worry: we’ll take you through the steps of selecting the water heater that will meet your needs. We install both tank and tankless models, gas-powered and propane-powered.

  • Tank Water Heaters: These are the standard water heaters found in homes. They store a supply of water kept heated for immediate use.
  • Tankless Water Heaters: These water heaters have no storage capacity, but instead heat water "on demand" as the household needs it. Tankless water heaters can help cut down on energy use and won’t run out of hot water if demand doesn’t overwhelm them.

Our technicians install the top water heater brands, and they have experience in working with natural gas and propane. In fact, we are one of the five highest certified gas service companies in Florida. If you’re looking for water heater installation in Gainesville, FL, you’re in good hands!

Experience That Works for You in Gainesville, FL

Our Certified Master Technicians are true experts in the field of water heating. They all receive extensive training and are required to re-qualify with factory specific up-to-date training each year. They will guide you through the entire process of water heater installation and replacement step-by-step: unit selection, installation, and operation.

Affinity Gas Services is a cut above our competition in the Gainesville, FL area because we’re committed to providing the finest customer service and rigorously following all applicable codes and standards for installations and the safety of customers.

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