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Propane Tank Installation in Gainesville, FL

Although many homes in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding communities have access to natural gas lines, not everyone’s house can enjoy the benefits of using this powerful and cost-effective energy source. But this doesn’t mean these homes must rely strictly on electricity to power all parts of their house. Electricity is an expensive source of energy, especially if used to power devices like water heaters, stoves and ranges, pool heaters, generators, and grills. For these homes, using propane tanks is an excellent alternative.

Affinity Gas Services installs all types of propane tanks and propane systems for our customers. We can put in a small tank to handle outdoor needs all the way to a 1,000 gallon tank that sends propane energy all throughout your property, including your house. Our technicians are certified and trained to work with propane systems, and they will ensure any work they do meets applicable codes. We’ll fuel a better future together!

Rely on The Gas Efficiency Experts for your propane needs.

The Uses of Propane

Propane is a major part of energy use in the United States. It powers homes, businesses, agriculture, industry. It aids in construction, school transportation, landscape and turf management, and more. Adding propane to your house upgrades your living with better comfort, increases savings compared to electricity, and deluxe appliances to make your home a high-efficiency, high performance one. Propane also burns cleanly, and it keeps your house running even during power outages.

Here are a few of the appliances you can power using a propane tank:

  • Furnaces and boilers
  • Water heaters
  • Ranges, stoves, and ovens
  • Clothes dryers
  • Fireplaces and fire pits
  • Whole-house generators
  • Grills, pools, spas, and other outdoor amenities

You can choose to use propane for only a few outdoor devices, or have a larger tank installed to service multiple appliances. Our team will see you receive the installation that matches your needs.

Above-Ground and Underground Propane Tanks

The above-ground propane tank is a good choice for homeowners who have the space for the installation on the property. Propane tanks are usually painted white, aluminum, or another reflecting color for safety reasons (they must be easily visible during night). All codes require that propane tanks are filled onsite with a line-of-sight to the refilling truck. Other codes apply, and our technicians are familiar with all of them. Safety is always our top concern.

For customers who don’t have a space for an above-ground tank or lack an attractive spot for a tank on the landscape, we can install and underground tank. These tanks are hidden from sight except for the dome covering the valves for servicing the tank. Similar codes apply to underground tanks.

The Gas and Propane Experts for Gainesville, FL

It’s an easy choice for homeowners in Gainesville, FL who want to put in a propane tank or expand the use of propane through their property—Affinity Gas Services is proud to be one of the five highest-certified gas and propane companies in the state.

On every job, we provide a customized and unique experience for our clients, and we go the extra mile for our customers. Along with propane tank installation, we handle repairs and maintenance services to keep homes powered and households safe. Call us for experience that works!

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