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Get a Whole House Generator for the Holidays

You don’t want to think about losing power this holiday season. You have other things on your mind, like shopping, events with friends and family, and even day-to-day tasks. But losing power is always a possibility and it is better to be prepared.

If you have been searching for ‘gas generator repair near me’ you’re in the right place. Our team can help with anything from gas generator installation to repairs and even replacement. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having a whole house generator ahead of the winter season.

The Whole House Difference

You can go to your local hardware store and pick up a small portable generator today. However, when a storm hits you’ll find that the small, portable generator is a hassle. You have to continually refill it with gas to keep it running, meaning that you also have to have a supply of gas ready to go in the case of an emergency.

Plus a portable unit will only provide so much power. You’ll have to pick and choose between what you plug in and what you don’t. With a whole-house unit, all of these worries are eliminated. A whole-house generator is designed to power everything in your home, including lights, appliances, and technology.

A whole house generator has a dedicated gas line and turns on automatically when your home loses power. There’s no need to store dangerous gasoline in your garage or wonder whether or not you have enough to run your generator through a power outage.

Generator Lifespan

The average whole-house generator has between 1,500 and 3,000 hours of operating life. Depending on how frequently your power goes out and how long those outages last, you can expect your generator to last for a minimum of 20 years with routine maintenance. This makes a generator a very wise investment. 

Of course, you want to keep in mind that in order for your generator to enjoy a long lifespan you have to be committed to completing annual tune-ups to keep your generator in optimal working condition. You also want to complete testing of your own once a month to make sure that your generator is kicking on when it should during a power outage without any issues.

Benefits to Consider

Some power outages only last a few hours. Others can last days or even weeks. While the likelihood of an extended power outage is low, it is better to be prepared than not. Aside from your family’s comfort and safety, a whole-house generator also offers peace of mind that you won’t lose food in your refrigerator or experience any inconveniences during a power outage. 

A whole-house generator may be even more important if you have any medical equipment that needs power to operate. After all, power outages are usually due to very severe weather. You have enough to think about without also being freezing cold inside of your own home.

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