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Is a Standby Generator a Good Home Investment?

Standby generator for your home is an expensive investment, there is no way around it. Plus you don’t even know when or how often you will need to use a generator. The good news is, a standby generator is an excellent investment for your home that will last you for decades to come.

The benefits far outweigh the risks. Aside from installation, we are also always here to help you with all your generator needs, including generator repair in Gainesville, Fl. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having a standby generator installed in your home.

Efficient Fuel Use

If you are considering a standby generator, you are likely comparing it to a portable generator. A portable generator has appeal because the unit is much cheaper and you can move it around to where you need it. But a standby generator is a much smarter investment, especially when it comes to fuel use. 

With a portable generator, you have to refill the tank when it runs out and use the same gasoline that you would put in your car stored in containers and ready to go. There are too many ways that this could go wrong. If you forget to refill the portable generator, it will turn off. If you don’t have access to enough gas, your portable generator will not work.

You don’t have to worry about any of this with a standby generator. Your standby generator connects directly to your natural gas lines. As long as there is a gas supply available to your home, your standby generator will work great to maintain energy availability to your home.

More Convenience

And let’s face it, you probably got tired just thinking about all of the effort it would take to operate a portable generator. In addition to everything listed above, you also have to pick and choose what you plug into your generator. If you’re trying to alternate between operating different appliances, this adds even more complexity to the situation. On the other hand, a standby generator can run everything in your home and even turn on automatically without any assistance needed.

Peace of Mind

A standby generator is also extremely safe. Even though it does use gas for operation, there are a lot of safety features that ensure risks are mitigated. You can take extra steps by installing carbon monoxide detectors around your home just to be sure. Plus, if you ever lose power to your home, you don’t have to stress out about having no lights, no way to cook, and even the potential of losing all of your refrigerated food.

Long Term Savings

When you compare the costs of a portable generator to a standby generator, a standby generator will win every time. The system can easily last for several decades before needing to be replaced. Plus, the fuel efficiency is much better so you will save on operation. 

Contact Affinity Gas Services today to schedule an appointment for generator installation with our professionals. We’re “The Gas Efficiency Experts.”

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