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Are Boilers Still Considered Great Heating Systems?

Some homeowners think of boilers as being old-fashioned or outdated since they’re not installed in homes quite as much as other types of heating systems. But boilers are still an excellent choice when it comes to keeping your home comfortable and warm during the winter season.

In fact, high-efficiency boilers in Gainesville can elevate your overall home comfort while potentially lowering your energy costs. You can keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of boilers and why you might want to install one in your home. 

High Efficiency

All heaters have AFUE ratings that estimate how much heat a unit can put out compared to the amount of energy it consumes. Many boilers are close to you if not 100% energy efficient. This means all of the energy consumed by a boiler is going directly to producing heat for your home. 

The more efficient a heating system is, the less you’ll spend from month to month for heating your home. Since the boiler is so efficient, it can save you money on your monthly heating costs compared to other types of heaters.

Better Overall Comfort

As a more energy-efficient heater, a boiler can elevate your home comfort. Boilers use water to transfer heat throughout your home, which is a much better conductor of heat compared to forced-air systems. Hot water channels through your home through a network of pipes to radiate heat into your rooms. 

Even once the water returns to the boiler, the pipes remain hot and continue radiating heat for longer. Your home will heat up faster when starting out at a lower temperature and maintain a more balanced heating level over the course of a day.

Low Maintenance Needs

Boilers are also considered very low-maintenance heaters. You do still need to schedule an annual maintenance appointment for your boiler as a precaution. But if you compare the tasks that we have to complete for a boiler to the tasks we have to complete for any forced air system, they will be significantly lower. 

Boilers have fewer moving parts so there is less that can go wrong. As long as you monitor pressure gauges and operation, your boiler should have very few repair needs over its lifespan. And speaking of lifespan, a boiler may also last longer compared to forced air systems. 

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