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4 Signs Your Home Would Benefit From a Water Softener

You’ve probably heard of hard and soft water, although you may not know exactly what that means. Hard water has a higher mineral content, while soft water has fewer minerals. While you cannot see these minerals in the water, they can still have a huge impact on your home’s plumbing system, your water appliances, and even your own comfort. 

If you have hard water, you will be able to notice negative impacts around your home. But you can combat hard water by installing water softeners in Gainesville. Keep reading to learn more about water softeners including the top four signs that your home needs one. 

1. Dry Skin and Hair

If your skin is dry and itchy or your hair is brittle, it may not just be you. In fact, your water could be a contributing factor. The minerals in hard water can irritate your skin and cause your hair to retain a residue that makes it dry and brittle. In fact, minerals can get under your hair follicles and contribute to frizziness and dryness.

2. Soap Scum or Calcium Deposits 

The minerals in hard water can keep soap from dissolving and sudsing up like it should for adequate cleaning. This extends from the soap that you’re using on your hands to the soap that you’re using to wash your clothes and dishes. Since the cleaning ability is lessened, you’ll also see soap scum residue left behind after washing. The higher the mineral content, the worse the soap scum. 

You may also notice calcium deposits on dishes or around your sinks. Calcium deposits are white and chalky, and once they dry you can usually wipe them away with your hand or a cloth. The calcium deposits come from the actual minerals in the water. The tiny particles get left behind after water washes away. 

3. Faded Laundry

If you notice that your clothes are faded quickly after being washed, hard water may be to blame. The minerals in hard water may be invisible to the naked eye, but they can cause colors to dull. Soap particles may also trap in the threads of your clothes and make them feel stiff or itchy. You may also discover that your laundry just isn’t getting as clean as it should.

4. Plumbing Problems

Over time the minerals in hard water can damage the insides of your plumbing fixtures. Since minerals are abrasive, they can speed up wear and tear that would otherwise happen more slowly. Keep in mind that it can still take a long time for hard water to cause problems with your plumbing. But if you find yourself with persistent plumbing problems, hard water may be to blame. 

A water softener cannot reverse existing damage, but it can prevent additional damage to your plumbing and water appliances. Plus, you’re likely to enjoy the added comfort of water that is filtered before it ever enters your home. Your skin, hair, clothes, and other aspects of your life will all see improvements.

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