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Residential Propane Gas Tanks: What to Do Before Installation Day

Propane tank for an underground auxiliary generator waiting to be installed underground at a home.

While many homes have access to natural gas lines, not every home in Florida can benefit from this cost-effective energy source. However, this doesn’t mean these homes have to rely solely on electricity. For these homes, residential propane tank installation in Gainesville is an excellent alternative.

We install various types of propane tanks and propane systems for our customers. Whether you need a small tank for outdoor use or a large 1,000-gallon tank to supply propane throughout your property, we’ve got you covered. Our certified and trained technicians ensure that all work complies with applicable codes. Let’s go over what you should do to prepare your home and property before installation day.

Site Preparation

The first step is selecting a suitable location for the propane tank. Safety regulations dictate that the tank should be placed at a safe distance from your house, property lines, and any potential ignition sources. Additionally, the location should be easily accessible for delivery of the tank. We can help you choose the best location on your property for the propane tank installation that meets the proper criteria.

Propane tanks can be installed either above or below ground. The above-ground propane tank is a good choice for homeowners who have the space for the installation on the property.

For customers who don’t have a space for an above-ground tank or lack an attractive spot for a tank on the landscape, we can install an underground tank. These tanks are hidden from sight except for the dome covering the valves for servicing the tank. Similar codes apply to underground tanks.

Once a location has been chosen, the site will need to be cleared of debris, rocks, and vegetation and ensure the ground is level to provide stability for the above-ground tank. A stable foundation is crucial to prevent the tank from shifting or tipping.

Hiring a Professional Installer

Installing a residential propane tank is not a DIY job. In fact, it requires hiring a licensed and insured company for the installation process. That’s us! Once you’ve decided to hire us for the installation, we will schedule a day and time that’s convenient for you for the installation.

On the installation day, ensure clear access to the site and remove any obstacles that might hinder the process. Plan on being available throughout the day in case we need to discuss the installation process with you. Also, make sure that pets and children won’t have access to the yard or areas where we are working for everyone’s safety. 

After installation, we will conduct a thorough inspection and test the system to ensure everything is functioning correctly. This step is crucial for identifying and addressing any potential issues. After that, regular servicing ensures your system remains in good working condition and extends its lifespan.

Preparing your home for a residential propane gas installation involves several important steps, from selecting the right tank location to ensuring all safety measures are in place. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the many benefits of propane gas safely and efficiently.

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