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What’s Wrong With My Water?

Problems with your water heater tend to be anything but subtle. When there’s something wrong with your water, it’s common for you to see it, smell it, and taste it as well. No matter what’s going on in your home, it’s important to handle any problems with your home’s water. We’re prepared to get your water heater in Fort White, FL in proper shape.

Below, we’re going to get into some water heater problems that you might be experiencing. We’re going to explain what’s going on and what your next steps should be. We’re always here to make sure that your water is in immaculate shape.

Common Water Problems You Might Experience

Here are a few issues that might be popping up in your system:

Bad Taste or a Foul Odor

We’re going to start with this problem because it’s the one that you’re more likely to notice. If you notice that you have a foul taste coming from your home’s taps, a foul odor, or any other problems with your home’s water, then you might have a problem with the organic matter in your home. The wrong organic matter or sulfates in the water are going to lead to foul odors or bad tastes.

What To Do

You should call a professional to figure out what’s wrong with your home’s water. If the problem has been persistent, then you might want to call for emergency plumbing services. You might be experiencing a problem with a septic or sewer leak.

Excess Sediment

Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home when it comes to your water. Your home’s water heater is going to build up sediment over time. This is natural because the water coming into your home has a natural amount of sediment in it. Throughout the years, your water heater and your home’s plumbing will accumulate so much excess sediment that it can reduce your water capacity.

Decreased water capacity in a water heater will look like a lack of hot water throughout your home, popping and/or rumbling noises, and water heater inconsistencies.

What To Do

It’s important to notice this problem and contact a plumbing professional as soon as possible. When you notice these problems, we can match your home with a great water treatment system for your needs. Call sooner rather than later so that you don’t let the problem get worse than it already is.

Hard Water

Hard water is a type of water that we deal with often here in Fort White, FL. The mineral content that you’ll notice here includes both calcium and magnesium. This hard water can lead to the build-up on scaling in your plumbing which can mess with your water pressure. If you’re struggling to get the adequate amount of water flow that you’re used to, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our team members.

What To Do

This plan of action is like the rest—get in touch with our team. There are water softening systems that you can use to keep your plumbing system safe. We’ll recommend a few to you.

Contact Affinity Gas Services today for your heating care in Fort White, FL. The Gas Efficiency Experts.

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