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How to Get the Perfect Water Heater

When you are choosing a new water heater for your home, you should carefully consider all the available options and how well they meet your needs. Go for a system that will not only provide plenty of hot water but will also work efficiently to save utility costs.

Doing this involves considering the different types of water heaters in the market based on size, capacity, fuel source, and heating mechanism. If you are looking to get a new water heater installation in Lake City FL, we can provide you with a list of important criteria worth considering. 

Type of Fuel and Cost

For most homeowners, the fuel source and cost of the water heater are the most important criteria. 

The type of energy source that you use will have an impact on how quickly you can heat up water. It also has an impact on how big of a heater you can buy and its efficiency.

Common types of fuel include electricity, natural gas, propane, and geothermal energy. Electricity is expensive while natural gas is quite cheap. Electric heaters tend to have a lower capacity than gas-based water heaters that can heat up a lot of water quickly.

Water Heater Size 

Your household size also determines how big of a water heater you should get. If you live alone in an apartment, even a compact water heater will be enough for your needs.

If you live in a bigger home and have a family with children, you will need a water heater with a bigger capacity. You may also need a bigger water heater if it will be used in water ducts to heat up your home.

Tankless vs. Tank Water Heater

Tank water heaters are the traditional model that has been in use for decades. An insulated water tank is attached to the heater where hot water is stored for use. This makes it easier for multiple people to use the water heater without cutting water from another tap. 

Tankless water heaters are a relatively recent invention. There is no storage tank and water is heated inside the coils at the moment you turn the tap on. This makes the tankless heater much more energy-efficient. However, a tankless heater isn’t ideal if you connect it to different bathrooms and the kitchen. It is better to get a small, separate unit for each room.

Due to the attached water tank, most tank water heaters are bigger and bulkier than tankless models.

Operating Costs

We recommend getting a good estimate of your water heater’s annual operating costs and comparing it with other models before you buy. 

The cost of using the system depends on the type of fuel used and its heating mechanism. Operating costs also depend on whether you need the heater only for hot tap water or for temperature control as well.

What You Should Know 

As you can see, there are different choices available for getting a new water heater and each has its own pros and cons. What works for one home may not work for another.

The best thing you can do is make an informed choice by getting a professional opinion from a qualified water heater installation and gas service. They can help you identify the best water heater option to install in your home.

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