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Yes, Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance Too


If you’re thinking about maintenance for your home’s HVAC system, we’re sure that you’re thinking about something like air conditioning maintenance. This tends to be everyone’s focus in a place like Gainesville. While your home’s air conditioning maintenance is quite important, we want you to know that it isn’t everything. If this is all you’re focused on, you’re going to need to expand your horizons to get the best comfort at home.

We want you to focus on your water heater maintenance in Gainesville, FL as well. Your water heater is the unsung hero of appliances at home. Maintenance is what’s going to help your home’s water heater get the best work possible.

How It Works

Are you wondering what water heater maintenance even looks like? You’re not alone. This is a new service in many people’s worlds. Water heater maintenance is water heater flushing.

Water heater flushing is necessary because your water heater builds up water heater deposits over time. The water that comes into your home carries a natural amount of sediment alongside it. Over time, this sediment falls to the bottom of your tank. It settles there and begins to harden as the water heating process happens over and over again.

If you let this hardened sediment just sit there, your water heater will decrease in efficiency over time. You don’t want your tank to have unresolved issues like this. It results in higher water bills and a decreased water heater lifespan too. A simple annual flush will put your system right back on track.

Why You Need Maintenance

Are you wondering why you need maintenance? Here are a few reasons:

A Long-Lasting Water Heater

A well-maintained water heater is a water heater that’s going to last you far into the future. Think about it like this: which car would last longer? The one that receives regular oil changes, tune-ups, and repair work when it needs it? Or the one that hasn’t seen a mechanics hands since we all still listened to music on cassettes?

We’d bet you’d say that the car that receives regular work would last longer. This is true! The same rules apply to your water heater. Make sure that you’re giving this unit the time, attention, and quality care that it deserves because of this.

High-Quality Water

You want to drink and bathe in the highest quality water because of your health and comfort. If you’re not getting the best water quality currently, then a lack of water heater maintenance is probably to blame. Water heater maintenance is what’s going to keep your home in amazing shape.

Cost Savings

Above we said that a well-maintained water heater is a water heater that’s going to last, but a well-maintained water heater is also a water heater that’s going to cost you a lot less. Make sure that you’re saving yourself a considerable amount of money by maintaining your water heater on a regular basis.

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