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Why Anyone Can Benefit from a Whole-House Generator Installation

If you’re thinking about a generator for your home, you have two general choices – portable or whole-house generators. Each one has its own pros and cons. For some people, a portable generator is a great solution – especially if you want to use your generator in a variety of situations.

But portable generators cannot power your entire home in the case of a widespread power outage. A whole-house generator stays in standby mode and is ready to turn on automatically when your power goes out. If you need generator services in Gainesville, Fl, give our team a call. Here are the four reasons that a whole-house generator might be right for you. 

Whole-House Generators Offer Efficiency

If you buy a portable generator, you also have to have a propane tank to run it. Without an adequate gas or propane supply, you cannot run the generator when you need it. If a power outage lasts days or weeks you may not have enough to last the entire time.  

A whole-house generator connects directly to the natural gas line on your property. If and when the power goes out, your generator will be ready for use right away with a strong supply of fuel to provide energy to your entire home. 

Whole-House Generators Are Convenient

What’s more convenient than a generator that automatically turns on when the power goes out? If you lose power in the middle of the night while you’re asleep, you don’t wake up in a home that’s hot and humid. You don’t have to wonder if the food in your freezer thawed enough to need throwing out. Keep in mind that you should schedule a whole-house generator inspection annually to make sure it’s in good condition. 

Whole-House Generators Increase Safety

A portable generator produces fumes from the propane or gasoline used to power it. The generator has to be in close proximity to the items you want to power, which leaves you at risk of breathing these fumes. Even if you keep a portable generator in your garage, the fumes are still present.

A whole-house generator runs on natural gas and is well-ventilated. You don’t have to worry about gas fumes being inside your home and putting your family and pets at risk. This also reduces fire risk since you don’t have to worry about the flammability of gasoline. 

Whole-House Generators Are Cost-Efficient 

It’s easy to hope or think you won’t need a generator. Is the cost really worth it? When it comes to a whole-house generator the answer is yes. The benefits outweigh the costs when you consider convenience, comfort, and peace of mind in not having to replace all of your food if you lose power for an extended period of time.

A portable generator may cost less up front, but the long-term costs can add up quickly – especially when you consider that a portable generator may not live up to your expectations. Do you really want to choose between not losing your food in the fridge and having a comfortable temperature? 

Contact Affinity Gas Services today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re “The Gas Efficiency Experts.”

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