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Your Water Heater is Crying Out for Help!


You use your water heater every single day. You might not think about how much you use it though. This appliance is responsible for your hot, steamy showers, your clean white laundry, and your sparkling dishes cleaned in your dishwasher. You can’t discount the importance of a system like this.

If you’ve started to notice that your water heater is… well… leaving a little to be desired, then you should schedule an appointment. We specialize in water heater repair in Lake City, FL. If there’s something going wrong, we’re going to be the ones to pinpoint the source of the issue and fix it. We want you to get back to the home comfort you’re used to.

Your Water Heater Is Asking for a Helping Hand

These are the signs that you’re water heater is metaphorically tapping you on the shoulder and asking for a little assistance:

1.      Rumbling Noises

Your water heater is rumbling like it’s a volcano ready to blow. Generally speaking, any noise that you hear from your water heater is a problem. Your water heater isn’t exactly placed smack in the middle of the hallway in your home. It’s probably tucked away somewhere. That means that your water heater noise is loud enough for you to hear it from afar. This is never a good sign.

Rumbling happens when there is sediment in your tank that settles, hardens, and becomes an obstacle for your water to move past. This noise is the sound of your water heater struggling.

2.      Popping Sounds

So the sound you’re hearing isn’t really rumbling, it’s more of a popping sound. Popping is actually caused by the same problem as rumbling. Your water is trying to pass through a barrier of sediment build-up. The popping sound is just a more aggressive version of rumbling indicating that hot water is compressed underneath the sediment and trying to break free.

3.      Discolored Water

Your water should always be clear and completely transparent. If it isn’t, then it means that you’re dealing with a decaying water heater. If you notice that your water is tinged yellow, orange, or even brown, then you should contact one of our service professionals. Discolored water will lead to further problems as it can be a sign of corrosion in your system. Addressing the issue now will save you time and money.

4.      Foul Smelling Water

Your water just smells bad. The scents might range from a sulfuric smell to something that’s a little more metallic. Either way, we want to rectify this issue because it’s not something you should deal with. Your water should always be clean and pristine.

5.      Bad Tasting Water

Your water just tastes… bad. There might be an odd aftertaste in your mouth, or you might notice a metallic taste when you’re drinking it. This is a clear sign of corrosion. Little bits of the interior of your water heater are sloughing off and finding their way into your water. Don’t settle for bathing in or consuming water with sediment in it. We’re here to help you rid your home of this problem.

Contact Affinity Gas Services for great water heater work. The Gas Efficiency Experts.

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