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Odd Water Heater Sounds? Let’s get to the Bottom of Them

When you run your home’s water heater, it’s important to pay attention to any oddities that occur. When you notice something odd going on with your water heater, it’s always wise to alert a professional as soon as possible. You might think it’s as simple as your water heater picking up an odd new habit, but we can assure you that any issue you notice will likely lead to a greater problem given time. 

If you want a relaxed and comfortable season ahead of you, we suggest you invest in water heater repair in Alachua, FL. Our professionals are able to make it easy for you. We’re available when you need us most, whether this is for relevant information regarding your water heater service or the water heater repair work itself. 

Sounds You Might Hear and Their Meaning

Here are a few sounds you might hear that indicate water heater issues.


If you hear your water heater sizzling, consult with a professional as soon as possible. Sizzling is a sound you’ll often hear when your water heater is leaking. When hot water leaks out and hits a cooler surface, it’s possible for it to make a sizzling sound. This is an urgent repair issue. You don’t want to risk water damage in your home due to water leaks. 


Have you noticed a banging or rumbling sound in your house? This is a sound you might hear when you have excess sediment built up in your home’s water heater system. This is something that’s preventable in the future with regular water heater flushes. It’s why we highly recommend routine water heater maintenance. 


The sound you hear is a little different than rumbling. If you hear a knocking or popping sound, you might want to check in on the amount of sediment in your home’s water heater or potentially the anode rod. Our professionals can figure out what problem you’re facing and repair it for you ASAP.


What if you’re hearing a sound that’s a crackling or hissing noise? These noises are more common in electric water heaters. There might be something blocking your water heater’s heating element. This is a sound you should pay attention to and have a professional address as soon as possible.

You Need Professional Service No Matter What

One thing that we want to get across in this article today is that you need professional service no matter what type of water heater trouble you’re facing. This is because professional repair fixes your water heater trouble the first time. We’re able to provide you with this type of work because we’re adept professionals with expert training. We know the problems to look for when your water heater is making odd noises. We also know how to solve those problems as fast as possible. We’re always here to help when you need us the most. 

Contact Affinity Gas Services today to schedule an appointment with our water heater professionals. We’re “The Gas Efficiency Experts.”

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